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Blockchain services

We advise

Innovation asks for a thorough strategic approach that results in a sustainable growth. Managing the change, leveraging the human talents, ensuring resiliency in the organization are just as essential as the implementation of a new technology. This requires knowledge and experience. In our consultancy approach we help you to unlock the possibilities of blockchain technology


Blockchain Strategy

Study of the areas where blockchain could be an opportunity or a threat for your organization, producing a documented report on our findings (duration approx. 2 weeks).


Blockchain Feasibility Study

Study of the technical and / or financial viability of the idea, resulting in a business case (duration approx. 2 weeks).


Business Alignment Workshop

Study of the business impact of a blockchain based solution from various perspectives, company involved, end-user, other parties and stakeholders. During this study we use instruments like:

Digital Journey Mapping
Blockchain Canvas
Scenario Planning
Solution Roadmap

We train

Knowledge transfer is key to grasp the potential of blockchain technology. Each executive should understand the basic principles of blockchain and the potential opportunities and threats for their industry. We offer custom-made trainings that suits your own requirements on strategic, tactical and operational level.


Blockchain Fundamentals for business executives

Focus on the strategic impact of blockchain


Blockchain (in-house) seminars and workshops

More understanding of the technology of blockchain

We Build

We build blockchain based solutions for companies and organizations.


Proof of Concepts (PoC) and prototypes

It is important that, prior to commencing a project, the idea is tested to ensure that it meets the defined requirements. A PoC has several important purposes. It gives:

• The stakeholders a tangible product
• The business more insight in the impact on processes and business models
• The marketing department more insight in the required product features
• The development team a better understanding of design alternatives and impact on technical infrastructure


Blockchain Systems

We develop solutions that meet enterprise requirements and standards, in terms of performance, security and scalability. The solutions are a available on premise or as service (SaaS – software as a service)

Generic solutions for companies, governments and institutions
Specific solutions in the field of data rooms, document handling, supply chain, real estate, e-health, energy and durability.


We Implement

An integrated agile approach

Fundamental changes require a solid and program and project management approach, that focuses both on the organizational and technical implementation. This requires a specific skillset. We believe in an integrated, agile approach for the development and implementation of our projects.

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