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Blockchain for you?

A decision model

Distributed ledger technology – commonly known as blockchain, possesses the potential to transform industries by automating transactional and administrative processes. An increasing number of companies and organizations recognise the importance of blockchain but still the majority doesn’t know how to respond. It starts with the assessment of the value of this technology for your company or organization. If the following conditions apply, then blockchain technology has a strong potential to provide value:

Multi party

Multiple participants share and update data – multiple parties need views of common information and take actions that need to be recorded.

Information imbalance

One or more parties have more or better information than the others, This creates an imbalance of power and can cause the transactions to go awry.

Transfer of value

The transactions between parties are aimed to exchange value (money, ownership, knowledge).

Requirement for verification and security

Participants need to trust that the transactions that
are recorded are valid and trustworthy.

Intermediaries add cost and complexity

Removal of ‘trusted third parties’ have the potential to reduce cost and complexity and time (reducing delay has business benefits).

Transaction interaction

Transactions created by different participants depend
on each other.

If at least four of the conditions above apply, you should ask
“why not blockchain”?


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